Success Stories

We value our patients' experience at Rosemeyer Jones Chiropractic. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Below are some testimonials of patients that have come to our clinic. Some of the things they are speaking of may sound familiar to you. If you are having some difficulties in your life, please come in and tell us your story. We'd love to help. 

  • "I was referred by a co-worker. He knew I had a disk problem and suggested spinal decompression therapy to me. He said he went through the same problem and the folks at Rosemeyer were excellent and the results were fantastic. I had a bulged disk between my L4 and L5. None of the exercises, stretches or other suggestions from the spine clinic were working. I began 3D [decompression] treatments under the care of Dr. Jones and went from not being able to sit upright to fully functional, and without pain in 4 months. They did a great job."
    Robert Kniprath, Barneveld
  • "I was facing back pain, leg pain and numbness for the last few years. The pain the last few months was getting progressively worse and I was unable to do things on the farm I took for granted. I saw your ad explaining the 3D ActiveTrac and thought I would try it instead of surgery. I am getting back to doing the things on the farm that I couldn't a few months ago. The pain is lessening and the leg numbness I had is slowly fading. I am glad the chiropractic [care] and 3D ActiveTrac kept me from surgery or steroid shots to try and correct my back problem. And finally, I got a great chiropractic doctor at Rosemeyer Chiropractic who really seems to care about you and each person coming here."
    Kelly Reuter, Darlington
  • "...After going through therapy shots in the spine and meeting with a surgeon about what's next and not getting any answers, I decided to try this approach. When I came here, I had a hard time walking, sitting, and sleeping. Since my treatments here, I have noticed a big improvement in my bending. I can sleep a lot better than I could when I started. i even rolled in the leaves with my grand-daughter which I would never have done a month ago. Friends see a big difference in me also."
    Loren L. Gebhard, Lancaster
  • "After suffering 9 years with a herniated disc, I heard about Dr. Rosemeyer's clinic and the 3D ActiveTrac machine. I decided to try his method. I have received tremendous relief. After 4 months, I am able to do most of my housework and enjoy life again. I thank Dr. Rosemeyer and his wonderful staff."
    Eva Buckley, Fennimore
  • "...lower back pain, problems standing for a long period of time without without wanting to sit or lean on something. Easily irritated [my] back when working, and had to be careful not to throw back out. When seated the lower back pain has almost subsided, and it is much easier to stand up after sitting. Confidence has been gained that misalignments and 'throw outs' are minimal, and have not needed to come for immediate adjustments. Car rides are much more enjoyable. This process as well as the staff and literature have helped me understand that I'm as much responsible for my spinal corrections and health as the doctor involved. I am looking forward to continued improvement and health and am much more aware of what I need to do to accomplish this."
    Daryl Yurs, Platteville
  • "I came in without extreme pain and/or difficulties. I am simply aware of how the body functions and do desire to have a body that is able to carry me through the extended number of years I expect to still be on this earth. To achieve my goal of being part of solutions to life's difficulties rather than part of the problems to be taken care of, I am intent on doing that which gives health and vigor to the body I have been given stewardship over. I know the principle of chiropractic is sound -- and have experienced the positive results of it. I also appreciate the increasing awareness that nutrition, all important to keep these 'fearfully and wonderfully' made bodies in top shape. That is my desire for the future."
    Christine Welch, Platteville
  • "I came into this office with horrible lower and upper back pains when sitting for long periods of time, as well as daily struggles with headaches. I have been headache free, for the most part, for the first time in over 7 years. I love waking up ready for the day because I know I feel good and my back will feel good at the end of the day. If I continue to have pain on various days, my chiropractor has taught me ways to relieve the stress and muscle tension. I have been extremely happy with the services provided in this office and would recommend to anyone."
    Emily Cain, Platteville